Cocochoco after care

Why To Choose Cocochoco After Care Products

Our clients ask us frequently about sulfate free shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and other popular COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment aftercare products. Which one is the best? Which is recommended for which hair type? And why to choose Cocochoco aftercare products over all the other options available at the market?

1. Why is it important to use COCOCHOCO Free Sulfate Series?

COCOCHOCO free sulfate shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed and dedicated for COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment aftercare. Therefore, they are the only recommended products. Other sulfate free shampoos weren’t tested against the Cocochoco Keratin Hair Treatment, so we can’t say if they are suitable or not ( some will work some won’t). Many shampoos even if they are sulfate free will contain other ingredients which are not appropriate as aftercare and can wash away Keratin very quickly. 2-3 weeks and hair will come back to frizz and curls.

2. What is the most common mistake while looking for an aftercare shampoo?

A most common mistake people make is instead of buying sulfate free shampoos they are buying Keratin shampoo which is actually full of sulfate. Most of our clients are not professionals so they don’t understand the difference.

3. What about the price?

Cocochoco aftercare products might come across as a bit pricey, but it is in fact prolongs the treatment and effect will last for longer. Of course, you can’t force anyone to buy Cocochoco aftercare but you can always explain everything to your clients and give them a choice. If they choose to buy a different type of aftercare you will not take the responsibility if treatment doesn’t last.

4. What if a client prefers a cheaper option of aftercare?

Getting COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment done and using cheap aftercare is like buying a beautiful white dress and washing it with red socks!!! If someone is willing to pay for the treatment they should also be prepared to use proper aftercare.

5. If the client used different kinds of aftercare and then come back to the salon with a problem?

You shouldn’t except any complaints if proper aftercare wasn’t used. You should only recommend Cocochoco aftercare products, otherwise you might have complaints coming back to you. You can’t be responsible for every sulfate free shampoo on the market.

-"You should always explain that before the treatment so your client can make a decision". 

Top scientists are working very hard in our laboratories in order to develop only high quality products in order to support COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment in the best way possible and let our clients enjoy healthy beautiful hair because this is what we do - we make our costumers look and feel beautiful :)