Business users - salons

To the business users - salons we offer a cooperation with and without contracts and competitive prices. You are more than welcome to contact us through social networks, email or by the phone. 

We will do our best to create the best possible offer for you. Other than products you need to use in your own salon, we offer you a possibility to make additional money by re-selling Cocochoco products for keratin treatment after care, including Cocochoco Ceramide series as well, to your clients to get the best results of Cocochoco keratin treatments. Cocochoco after care products are the only products recommended to use after the Cocochoco keratin treatment.

We can organize an education for hairdressers/stylists to show you how to do Cocochoco keratin treatment correctly and explain Cocochoco products in more details. We do the educations both in your salon and as conferences.

Your salon can get the Cocochoco licence and certificate to mark it as Cocochoco certified salon. Please contact us for all the details.

Cocochoco Certifikat o završenom osposobljavanju za keratinski tretman, Hrvatska, Croatia, Certificate of completition

Take the opportunity to become Cocochoco certified hairdresser and for your salon to be Cocochoco certified salon.

Please contact us for the organization and price of education. We can offer it both in Croatian and English.

A lot of customers are looking for salons where it's possible to do Cocochoco keratin treatment, we can forward them to you. On our social networks profiles (cocochoco_croatia on Instagram and on Facebook), as well as on our web page ( we offer you free advertising and recommendations for your salon.


We offer up to 40% discount, special offers and promotions to the hairdressers/salons. Besides, we add our salons on our list of Cocochoco certified salons, and also offer free Facebook and Instagram promotion.

Feel free to send us an e-mail for more information:

Cocochoco Croatia: or

Cocochoco Slovenia:

Cocochoco Malta:

You can also contact us  via social networks - Instagram or Facebook or call us to +385 99 52 55 360.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!