Founded in 2002, Corioliss is an unconventional brand created by an independent company with shared values that reflect our customers’ spirit of freedom, individuality and creativity. We are pioneers in the use of titanium in plates and are dedicated to challenging the traditional rules of the hair industry with a unique and innovative range of products. Corioliss is the favorite of professionals thanks to the undisputed quality of our product and has a loyal following in the international market. From the original classic models to limited edition versions, we have a complete line to achieve any cutting-edge technique and style.

After a year we have hair straightener Corioliss Wide Black Zebra in our offer, that we recognised as the best for Cocochoco Professional treatments, recognising an unique quality, we were trying and testing the whole Corioliss offer, and finally we expanded our offer with an amazing Corioliss brand that is a guarantee of top quality and performance. We offer Corioliss hair straighteners, hair dryers, brushes, curlers, clipper and trimmer. We chose only the best quality for you, that we put on market only when we make sure it's unique, different, advanced, better than everything we tried. We are pround to announce that we have become an official representative of amazing Corioliss brand in Croatia. The whole offer on Cocochoco page you can find HERE.

In product descriptions, you can find video tutorials how to do amazing hairstyles with Corioliss and the results you can achieve.