Ceramides are lipids: they fill in the gapes in an external part of hair cuticle. When a shampoo or a conditioner contain them, they can reconstruct broken hair. Ceramides are the most important structural eleents that act as protective skin barrier. When hair lost the ceramides, it leads to the hair drying and aging. They are made from quality herbal oils.


Keratin is a protein, the main hair element. A damaged hair cuticle can lead to the keratin lost. In the end, it causes the hair breakage. A hair care products that contain keratin can fill in the gapes in the hair cuticle.

Ceramides protect an external hair part, while keratin make hair connections stronger.

Macadamia oil (Macadamia ternifolia)

Macadamia oil is very rich and contains a lot of herbal lipids. It reconsturcts brittle and very damaged hair successfully.