How Long Does It Take To Do Cocochoco Treatment?

While booking an appointment for Cocochoco treatment, clients often want to know how much time will they spend at the hair salon.

The duration of the treatment depends on several factors:

-length of the hair

-hair density

-condition of the hair

Although the shorter hair will take a shorter period of time, it will take on average 3 hours to do Cocochoco treatment. 

Before the treatment, the hair should be washed with Clarifying shampoo in order to open the cuticle. Clarifying shampoo is mandatory to use for keratin treatment preparation to get the best results. Keratin should also stay in the hair for a certain time, and the hair should be blow-dried and straightened. Therefore, treatment can't take 1-1,5 hours.

If you want to be sure that your Cocochoco treatment is done properly, do it at the Cocochoco certified hair salon. Our salons are located throughout Croatia and there is certainly at least one certified Cocochoco salon near you. Certified hairdressers know all the treatment steps in detail, and they will choose the best type of keratin depending on your hair type. Also, they are specialised in proper keratin application and hair straightening, and you will get the best possible results.

In order to prolong Cocochoco keratin treatment in your hair, we recommend you to use Cocochoco aftercare products, that are specially designed to prolong the treatment and provide the best possible results. By proper using of these products, you will enjoy in beautiful and shiny hair up to six months!