What Are Ceramides and Why Does Your Hair Need Them?

Adverse weather conditions, chemical treatments, the heat of hair styling tools and products that contain harmful ingredients affect our hair on a daily basis. Our hair becomes dry, damaged and fragile.


Ceramides are lipids found in the upper layer of skin. They are a natural moisturizer and are responsible for keeping cells together.

They are natural solution for restorative action, as they yield the ability to merge spaces between the cells of the outer shell of the hair shaft. This unique process reinforces the protective layer of the hair, restoring damaged hair and strengthening weak hair structure

Ceramides act as ”cement", allowing the hair to reestablish its cell cohesion and protecting the fine fiber structure which stimulates hair growth. In addition, they strengthen the hair by sealing in natural moisture, providing that coveted silky touch.


Cocochoco Ceramide is a comprehensive system developed for treatment of damaged hair.

Ceramide Intensive Restoration will help to restore damaged hair and give shine. It contains natural herbal ingredients that hydrate the hair and prevent repeated tangling of hair ends. Ceramide Intensive Restoration gives maximum revitalization and instant hydration.

Ceramide Volume Boosting is especially made for thin hair that needs extra volume and for hair prone to greasiness. These products lift their hair from the scalp, what makes it look lush and at the same time reduce greasiness.

All products are vegan-friendly, sulphate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free. They do not contain any harmful ingredients. You can also use them as a hair care after Cocochoco keratin or Botox treatment, and they are curly girl method approved.