One of the most common questions we get asked is “why is regular shampoo and conditioner not suitable for maintaining my Cocochoco treatment?” and the answer to that is that most regular hair products contain an ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS, which essentially ‘strips’ the Cocochoco keratin products from your hair.

For this blog post, we’re diving into the differences between SLS and SLES to help you understand why you’ll never find SLS in Cocochoco Products.


SLS is found in lots of everyday health and beauty products as it is highly effective at removing oily stains or residues, and also lathers to create a cleansing foam, making it a perfect ingredient for regular shampoos for hair that has not been treated. Many hand soaps, face washes, shaving creams and even toothpaste owe their foaming quality to SLS. However, it’s effectiveness and strength is exactly why we do not recommend using products containing SLS after your Cocochoco treatments. Cocochoco Keratin and Botox Treatments are designed to coat your hair with product, which is then sealed with a high heat, meaning the outer layer of your hair has intentionally been coated in a ‘residue’, and this residue can be removed by SLS. 

Any products which contain SLS are not recommended for the aftercare of Cocochoco, as it will significantly reduce the effects of the treatment. Therefore, Cocochoco products will never contain SLS as an ingredient in any of our aftercare products. Shampoos containing SLS have also been linked to weakening hair, and causing hair loss. This is because the SLS will often remain in hair follicles long after washing, causing them to weaken over extended periods of time. SLS has also been identified as a skin irritant if left on skin for prolonged periods of time.


However, you may see ‘SLES’ listed as an ingredient in some of our products. Despite how similar they sound, SLS and SLES are very different ingredients. SLES, or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, is actually derived from SLS, but has undergone a process called ethoxylation in which ethylene oxide is introduced to change the compound. This change means that SLES is safe to use in haircare products, including Cocochoco, as it is gentler on both the skin and hair than SLS. SLES won’t aggravate your skin or strip it of any residues or moisture. Haircare products containing SLES will be just as cleansing, foaming and emulsifying as SLS but they will not affect your Cocochoco treatment the way that SLS does

By combining SLES with other kind-to-skin ingredients and natural extracts, we have developed a range of Cocochoco after care to create nourishing treat for you and your hair. From shampoos and conditioners, to masks and serums, we have created a range of products which support your Cocochoco treatment so that your hair stays silky and smooth.